Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I become a customer?

At the moment, we offer customized wealth-management solutions and family office services to high-net-worth individuals. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and whether they could come into question for you.

I am a retail investor. Can I still benefit from your know-how?

We are currently launching a multi-asset wealth management fund through our sister company, W Capital Management (Gibraltar), and in cooperation with FIS Privatbank. This product will require no minimum investment and makes our investment experience and a part of our process accessible to everyone.

Where are you located?

We are based in the heart of Geneva and a member of the AOOS, the Swiss supervisory organization for asset managers and trustees.

Investment Process
What is the quantamental platform?

Over the years, we have developed a set of proprietary web applications that support our analysts and portfolio managers in their daily work. We have now collected them in the private section of the quantamental platform. On top of that, we offer everybody the possibility to sign up and access a range of public applications.

Are you specialized on some particular investments?

As a firm, we have a history in liquid alternatives. This includes arbitrage strategies such as the Merger Arbitrage fund managed by our sister company, W Capital Management (Gibraltar).
Aside from that, we have built extensive experience and know-how in systematic, data-driven equity strategies.

How do you construct my portfolio?

We believe in the power of a well-defined core-satellite approach. Finding the correct asset allocation for your risk profile is the starting point of our process. We then build a well-diversified, cost-efficient core portfolio that allows you to benefit from the growth of the world economy. We subsequently combine this allocation with selected specialty products and private investments depending on your unique circumstances, preferences, and wishes.

How to learn more?

Check out our tutorials site for more information on the asset classes we deal with and how we approach them.
Emma is happy to guide you through the world of investing. Check out the video below to get a first impression.