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Emma, the star of our video tutorials, is a Swiss entrepreneur, financier, and private investor who provides insight into the world of finance.


Educational Videos

Develop a better understanding of the markets and learn how we approach investing.


For many investors, stocks are the go-to asset class and resemble investing like no other. But how do they work, and how is this related to the real economy? Join us on a journey with Emma and her Swiss chocolate business.

Fixed Income

The stock market may be more iconic and well known, but the bond market is bigger. Check out the differences between stocks and bonds and how they benefit investors and corporations alike.


Derivatives don't have the best reputation, but they are ubiquitous and serve a critical role in today's financial market. How investors can use them not to increase but to limit risk is the topic of this video.

Mutual Funds & EFTs

Investment strategies, especially the more complex ones, require professional oversight and can often be implemented only with a certain minimum amount of capital. This is why it makes sense for investors to pool their money and put it to work together.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Not all assets are traded through the stock exchange or other institutional venues, which can actually be an advantage. Investments in private firms have generated exceptional returns in the past, thanks to their illiquidity premium. How does it work? Check out our video.


At some point, most investors will probably stumble over the term ‘Diversification’. However, while it is widely used, it is also very often misunderstood. Even sophisticated market participants frequently underestimate the importance of spreading one’s investments, resulting in unnecessary risky portfolios without adequate returns.

Wealth Management

Even for financially savvy individuals, it can be a daunting task to take care of a sizable fortune. Managing several bank and brokerage accounts takes time and effort; you may prefer to spend on more enjoyable tasks. Check out our video to learn how a professional Wealth Manager can help you.

Asset Allocation

Every investor has different needs and constraints, which is why there is no one-size-fits-all in wealth management. The most critical driver of a portfolio’s risk and return profile is Asset Allocation. Finding the correct Asset Allocation is thus crucial. Our video explains what it is and how it relates to an investor’s life.

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