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Q1 2024 Capital Market Assumptions

What return can reasonably be expected from a given multi-asset portfolio in the medium to long term? The answer depends on various factors like aggregate valuation ratios and interest rates. Here are our latest assumptions.

Fabian Scheler

March 28, 2024

Is private debt worth the fees?

Private debt is a booming asset class, but as always in the private markets, opacity makes it difficult for investors to understand what they are really exposed to. Our article tries to shed some light on the subject.

10 Minute Read
Fabian Scheler

February 29, 2024

European life insurance at the Swiss border

As part of our collaborative publications, we are pleased to share with you an article on European life insurance at the Swiss border. This article was written by Mr. Pierre-Olivier Kramer, Managing Partner of Gatsby & White SA.

4 Minute Read
Olivier Kramer

January 22, 2024

The 2024 recap of consensus expectations

What's in stock for 2024? Following a tradition we started in 2022, we have again reviewed and summarized the market outlooks published by leading banks and asset managers.

10 Minute Read
Fabian Scheler

January 5, 2024

Why higher rates won't spark a return of stock picking

Over the past decade, poor performance has frequently been attributed to markets "being driven by cheap money instead of fundamentals". Does this argument hold?

5 Minute Read
Fabian Scheler

November 27, 2023

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