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Spoiled for choice - how to configure a short-put strategy?

Selling put options is a popular strategy that promises compelling returns if executed correctly. However, the right design and execution are essential.

7 Minute Read
Fabian Scheler

August 10, 2022

Are we heading into an earnings recession?

The rare divergence between equity market performance and earnings estimates in 2022 draws attention to the complicated relationship between corporate profits and share prices. We have seen this before - in the 70s.

5 Minute Read
Fabian Scheler

July 13, 2022

Will TIPS shield you from the inflation surge?

Inflation has become a key concern for investors worldwide. In our article, we elaborate on inflation-linked bonds and show why these instruments are not as straightforward a choice as the name suggests.

5 Minute Read
Fabian Scheler

June 23, 2022

How accurate are the Fed's interest rate projections?

Every quarter, the FOMC publishes a set of economic projection materials, including the widely watched Dot Plot. But how much do these projections really tell us about the future path of interest rates?

4 Minute Read
Fabian Scheler

June 16, 2022

ESG investing will never be fully objective - and that's ok

In a controversial decision, S&P removed Tesla from its ESG indices. We believe that for Wealth Managers, the subjective nature of ESG investing can be an opportunity.

4 Minute Read
Fabian Scheler

May 23, 2022

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