How Swiss wealth managers can keep flying

Tim Brockmann

September 30, 2020

The thought-provoking cocktail of digital (technology) disruption, low yield environment and the rise of passive investment products is severely impacting the traditional Swiss wealth management and many players are not prepared for it.

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Swiss Wealth Managers are not exactly famous for embracing change and driving progress and they can hardly be blamed for it.

Blessed with a financially strong home market and tight regulation, the industry has been protected from the cold wind of globalization and digitalization for decades.

Even a robo-advisor like Scalable Capital with its powerful anchor investor has not been able to crack the Swiss market.

However we nevertheless believe that the Swiss industry won't be this sheltered forever. The next decades will bring a major transfer of wealth to the Millennial generation, which grew up with digital services. Customers can be expected to be way more price conscious and they will likely demand for more information, faster service and a nicer experience.

Swiss Wealth Managers need to adapt respectively and deliver the same quality at a lower price through a wider range of channels.

Eventually, the Easyjet model could hint where the journey is going - a highly precise pricing model offering different services for different prices.

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